Top premise of all our box spring beds and mattresses is the luxury of comfortable, healthy sleep.

We achieve this with the very best »inner values«.

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Highest quality materialsfor our mattresses & toppers

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Quality only goes with the best inner values". Especially for good mattresses and beds, this is a must. Long-lasting luxury can only be based on excellent, natural materials. Only the best, pure and certified natural materials are used by us, alongside proven spring core systems.

Long-lasting spring quality

The bed »Golden People«.

Over 9000 individual springs work together.

»Excellent product quality«

Grade: 1.9 in the test report of the Ergonomie Institus Munich.

Pocket springs and strip steel frames replace synthetic foams

After winding the steel to the spring we treat the with heat. This thermal temperingensures that the springs retain their twist and elasticity and return to their original shape after rising. Our goal is to make them resilient for a lifetime. In the pocket, each individual pocket is brought to preload. This gives the spring the right stiffness, while at the same time it is able to absorb the body weight in seconds and optimally adapt to the body shape.

Natural materials

Nearly 100% percent from Öko-Tex certified upstream suppliers and materials.

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Horsehair can absorb moisture up to 25% of its own weight and thus has a strong hygroscopic effect. Thus, horsehair has a sleep climate regulating function: moisture absorption occurs without the material feeling damp. At night, when the body releases moisture, the mattress absorbs it. During the day, when the bed is aired, the horsehair can just as well release the moisture back into the room air. Thus, you always have a pleasant and dry sleeping climate even in summer at higher temperatures.

Virgin sheep wool

Virgin sheep's wool has a natural thermoregulatory property: it can absorb water vapor (e.g. night sweat) well inside the fiber. However, the fiber surface repels water. The virgin wool can absorb up to one third of the dry weight without feeling damp. Thus, there is a dry sleeping climate at all times. The dissipation capacity (moisture processing) is significantly higher than, for example, the cotton or synthetic fibers, some of which can not absorb moisture. Kamjo therefore uses virgin sheep's wool in both mattresses and toppers to provide a good sleeping climate and significantly extend the hygienically limited lifetime.

Cashmere wool

The wool of the cashmere goat is one of the finest animal hair at all and significantly finer than the virgin sheep's wool. It has a very good climate regulating effect and ensures a permanently pleasant, dry sleeping climate. Cashmere wool is obtained towards the end of winter by decombing the underfur. It is one of the most valuable and therefore expensive natural materials at all.


Cotton is a natural plant fiber that we use in our mattresses and toppers in a blend with virgin sheep's wool. The material absorbs water vapor well and thus has a climate-regulating effect.


We use solid woods from domestic Baltic forests in our products. When purchasing, we pay attention to sustainable and nature-friendly forestry and energy-saving transport.

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Noble horsehair, fine virgin wool or pure cotton, these are the quality features, that you should pay attention to and compare with

The quality of nature is its great adaptability. It thus protects all living things from climatic extremes, such as great heat or cold and low or excessive humidity. Therefore, we do not use synthetic materials such as plastic in the production of our mattresses and beds – because nature can do it much better!

The natural quality of pure natural materials is extremely profitable for you. Used correctly, you get the most important foundations for healthy sleep.

Your advantages:

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The handcrafted processing method in our manufacturing is not an end in itself. The quality is our guideline and it is created with the European quality understanding of our employees and socially acceptable. Just original handmade in Europe.

Our modern craftsmanship is based on the performance and skills of our employees and the use of modern materials and know-how. Only the interaction of all these factors creates mattresses and box spring beds of the highest quality.

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